An Expat’s Battle With Thyroid Cancer – Part 2Acting on news of thyroid cancer in China

Thyroid Cancer: Part 2/3

To be honest, I don’t remember clearly that Friday morning when I received the message about my thyroid cancer. I remember being strangely calm for the most of the time, distant from myself, as if this wasn’t really happening to me. Without uttering a word, I handed Chris (my husband) my phone. I thought it better he read it himself. […]

An Expat’s Battle With Thyroid Cancer – Part 1You never know what's going to happen

Thyroid Cancer: Part 1/3

On December 4th 2015, I got a message containing one of the scariest of words possible: cancer. Thyroid cancer, in fact. My friend had just translated my thyroid biopsy results. I’d asked him to do so, because the hospital had handed me a slip of paper I didn’t understand. I certainly didn’t expect this news. Let me backtrack a moment. […]