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Chris Behrsin is a copywriter, fiction writer, ESL teacher and co-author of this blog. He's travelled to over 30 countries and he enjoys playing the piano (when he has access to one), reading, writing, and of course travelling.

A Land Evolved from Tea: 8 Ways to Enjoy Wuyi Shan

It amazed me in Wuyi Shan (the Wuyi Mountains) — the No. 1 must see of China’s Fujian province — how many Chinese travellers we met from Shanghai, 1000 or so kilometres away. They had come, they told me, to […]

A park for Tan Kah Kee, the man who turned this sleepy fishing village into a bustling university hub

Tan Kah Kee’s university town, once a simple fishing village In Jimei, hometown of the famous Tan Kah Kee, you can smell the sea long before you reach it. This isn’t so much due to the salty water itself, but […]

In search of the South Shaolin Temple | The Birthplace of South Chinese Martial Arts

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South Shaolin Temple… Never heard of it? You may have heard of the North Shaolin Temple (Shaolin Monastery) in Henan. But few have heard of its little brother, the South Shaolin Temple just outside of Putian. It’s located just outside a […]

A new impression of Fuzhou—the delights we found in a sprawling metropolis

As the administrative capital of Fujian province, China, it’s easy to believe Fuzhou lacking in character. We’d been to this city numerous times. But our experiences had been of hospital blocks and Fuzhou main station. Neither are the prettiest of […]

How I Became an Adventurer: Lessons from Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar

10 years ago, I visited Tanzania and twice I almost died. Perhaps I’m being melodramatic. But things might not have gone so well if I wasn’t in the hands of good, caring people. This, in truth, wasn’t anyone’s fault but […]

Why the hell you should visit Poland in winter

So what’s Poland in winter like? Imagine: It’s -30 below freezing and you’ve just come back from a hike. You’re glad you brought that down jacket, but still your face, feet, and hands are chilled to the bone. You feel as […]

It’s Time for Us to Go Public

It’s been almost three years since we got married in a Polish fort and said goodbye to our families to embark on our nomadic lives in Asia. We promised ourselves then we’d set up a blog. We even bought this […]